Riesling Feinherb

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Germany  Mosel 

The very clever and very delicious Feinherb Riesling - slightly off-dry.

Winemaker Kollmann-Becker
Features Unoaked, Vegan (certified), Vegetarian and Vegan
Style White, Still, Dry, Single Variety
  • Alpine Wines Grape Varieties: Riesling
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Feinherb is a term for off-dry Riesling. It is not the semi-sweet of more traditional Riesling (called "Lieblich") or with the dryness of "Trocken", it is somewhere in between. You might wonder why they create this "in between" wine? Well, think of Goldilocks... "just right".

That little bit of sweetness makes it very flexible - it can handle Asian food, it smoothes out spicy food. It holds up to the honeyed sweetness of many barbecue sauces and yet the wine remains sharp enough to accompany a salad or seafood. Uncomplicated and versatile.

Tasted June 2016 and again in June 2017. Beautifully soft Riesling nose leading to a really impressive taste with pear drops and citrus fruits. The sweetness level lifts it above Trocken but not too far at all. It is a delightful wine and very easy to drink. At only 10.5% this is not so worrying but do be careful of the speed at which the bottle empties!

Style White, Still, Dry, Single Variety
Winemaker Kollmann-Becker
Country Germany
Region Mosel
Features Unoaked, Vegan (certified), Vegetarian and Vegan
Closure Natural Cork
Varieties Riesling
Ripeness Normal
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VintageProduct CodeAlcoholkeeps at least until
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