Badoux Vins

The award winning Badoux estate is found on the steeply terraced vineyards climbing the hills behind the town of Aigle and its fairy-tale Château. Still under the watchful eye of the founder Henri Badoux, 590 hectares of vines produce high quality wines.

Probably one of the most famous and recognisable in Switzerland thanks to its quirky Lizard label, their wines are some of the premier wines of the Chablais, if not the entire Vaud - and their Chasselas one of the most famous worldwide.

The soil is light gravel/shale. Located on the right bank of the Rhône, the Chablais region benefits from a unique microclimate. Its combination of southern exposure to full sun and the warm dry Foehn winds keep this microclimate constant which remains right up until the harvest, ensuring ripening beyond the reach of the dampness and mists of autumn and protecting the grapes from rot.

We stock their signature Aigle les Murailles Red or White and if you’re looking for something   more complex try Le Lézard Rouge a blend of Pinot Noir and Garanoir which produces and elegant wine which is a great match with turkey, game, lamb and beef

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