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Swiss Fine Wine is an inspiring and comprehensive website about the finest Swiss wineries, about 130 to date. They are selected by the aggregated choices of experts: the Gault & Millaut top 100 selection & the Memoire des Vins Suisses' list of iconic wines.

The website also lists news, information about regions and varieties, and where these wines can be bought or enjoyed around the World. It is through this that we met.

Recognizing Alpine Wines' unique positionning, Swiss Fine Wine approached us to partner in the UK. As a result a group of 20 winemakers - the Swiss Fine Wine Ambassadors - are now committed to bringing their wines to the UK and further, for the pleasure of wine drinkers worldwide.

Great things are coming.

Schlossgut Bachtobel

The Schlossgut Bachtobel estate has been family-owned since 1784 and offers a unique and blend of historic buildings, forest, vineyard and meadows.

It is a beautiful place but we wouldn't be talking about it if the wines weren't great. The highlight here, for which people travel the whole length of Switzerland and from abroad, is the Pinot Noir.

Gialdi Vini, Ticino


Feliciano Gialdi & Alfred de Martin

Gialdi was founded in 1953 and back then only produced grapes. In 1984 they started producing wine, and has since teamed up with Brivio and Zamberlani to become on of the most important producers in Ticino.

You have to try these Merlots!

Domaine des Muses

Robert Taramarcaz

Robert took over the small family wine estate and has been winning awards in Switzerland and over the World ever since. All the wines are excellent, from the fendant to the superlative sweet wine - but we have chosen to start with a small selection of personal favorites.

Brivio Vini, Ticino


Guido Brivio & Alfred de Martin

Motivated by a long family-business tradition in the drinks industry, Guido Brivio set out at the beginning to target restaurants and speciality wine shops with high quality Swiss wines. He succeeded so well he is now an unmissable name in Swiss Wine.

The winery is in a gorgeous property on the slopes of Monte Generoso, at the very South tip of Switzerland.

Massy Vins, (Lavaux), Vaud

Luc Massy

The Massy family became wine-growers at the end of the 19th century, establishing their roots in Epesses. The splendid mansion of Clos du Boux is the symbol of the estate and also the family residence, dominating the village of Epesses.

Luc went around the world exploring and working vineyards all over, before coming back to take over the family winery.

We bring over Chasselas - what else? - including the near legendary Chemin De Fer.

Domaine De Montmollin, Neuchâtel

Benoît de Montmollin

Based in beautiful Auvernier near Neuchâtel's canton, the Montmollin family owns 23 hectares of various vineyards. They make Chasselas, Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Gamaret and Garanoir Galotta. We currently bring Chasselas, Pinot Noir and Oeil de Perdrix

Cave Jean-René Germanier, Valais

Gilles Besse

La Cave Jean-René Germanier was established in 1886 when Urbain Germanier planted his first vineyards and founded a winery in Vétroz. Today, 3rd- and 4th-generation oenologists Jean-René Germanier and Gilles Besse produce wines that rival those of the world’s best producers, although Jean-René, while still involved and passionate about wines, spends most of his time in politics.

Maître de Chais (Provins), Valais


Valais' famous cooperative - we take the "Grand Mestral" range which presents the native wine styles and the Maitre de Chais range which shows them off with more panache.

Vinotiv - Graubünden Pinot Alliance

The Bündner Herrschaft is home to 60 different producers in four villages (Malans, Jenins, Maienfeld, and Fläsch). There are 1,000 acres of vineyards planted here and 80% of the production is Pinot Noir.

A group of 12 of the best have allied together to promote their love for the Pinot Noir in the region

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