Swiss inspiration for Christmas

In Switzerland we have our dinner on Christmas Eve, not Christmas day.

We also don't really have a traditional Christmas Dinner menu - each family has their own, and often they will rotate between a few favourites - with other families trying ambitious new menus each year.

Meat fondues - Fondue Bourguigonne, Fondue Chinoise - are very a very popular option, as are elaborate game dishes (saddle of venison, or homemade jugged venison), pork or beef filets (often "en croute"), and whole fish dishes. It's also quite common to try "exotic" menus for the holidays - thai, indonesian etc.

Desserts are far more traditional - a classic option is the "Buche" (Yule Log - there's a reason they call it a "Swiss Roll") as dessert, and a multitude of homemade biscuits which we spent weeks preparing.

In my family there was ham on the bone on the Fribourg side of the family, and a rotation between jugged venison, fillet picata, and "charbonnade" (mixed grill with a multitude of sauces) on the swiss german side of the family. And never a Buche, but instead vermicelles (chestnut cream pressed in "noodle" shape, meringues, ice cream and/or whipped cream, often wich chocolate sauce)

Here's a selection of Swiss Wines for the UK's traditional turkey dinner - crips whites to start, a juicy deep red for the main course, and some wines for cheese and dessert. Enjoy!

Paysage d'hiver novembre_small

To begin


Blanc de Blancs Brut, Domaine de Maison Blanche



Dôle Blanche de Conthey, Maître de Chais Provins



Pinot Gris Neuchatel, Cave des Coteaux




With Turkey or Goose


Gamaret-Garanoir "Expression", Cave de La Côte



Pinot Noir #3, Schlossgut Bachtobel



Syrah Classique, Domaine des Muses



With cheese

Petite Arvine, Chanton Weine




Sauvignon Gris "Le Savant" La Cave de Genève



Chemin de Fer Luc Massy



Goutte d'Or , Domaine De Montmollin




Gamay de Chouilly "Vieilles Vignes" Domaine des Abeilles d'Or



Dogaia, Guido Brivio



Humagne Rouge Chanton Weine


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