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Doral is an early ripening grape that produces fine, full-bodied and well-balanced wines. Reserved initially for the production of dry white wines, it can also be used for sweet or sparkling wines. Enhanced by good acidity, it acquires a full-bodied quality when the grapes are well ripened.

Doral is said to have inherited the freshness of Chasselas and the aromas of Chardonnay, such as apricots and citrus fruit. A slight minerality may also be detected in some examples. Terroir is everything as higher nitrogen in the soil produces a far better grape and wine.

It is only grown in Switzerland, mainly in the region of Vaud but also in Valais and Ticino.

Doral is a relatively new grape and is a cross between Chasselas and Chardonnay created to provide a more aromatic version of Chasselas. It has certainly succeeded.

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