Dôle Balavaud Grand Cru 2018

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Switzerland  Valais 
Style Red, Still, Dry, Single Variety
Last Tasted 22 Sept 2021
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Dôle - a traditional Swiss blend which combines the elegance and body of Pinot Noir with the fruitiness and structure of Gamay.

Dôle is to Valais reds what Fendant is to white - a staple offering in the region. Skiers in the Valais are equally likely to have come across this wine as they are to have encountered Fendant.

If you're going to drink a red with Swiss melted cheese dishes like raclette or fondue, make it Dôle.

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Arrival Date 6 Aug 2021
Bottle Size 75cl
Variety Dôle Blend, Gamay, Pinot Noir
Vintage 2018
Last Tasted 22 Sept 2021
Is Mature No
Alcohol 12.5
Ripeness Normal
Allergens Contains Sulphites
Case Size 6
Closure (not set yet)
sweetness dry
Aged In (not set yet)
Available from Gardner and Beedle, The Tasting Rooms - East Grinstead, The Wine Library
Bought In (year) 2021

Dôle is a well known Valaisian red wine, not a grape variety as such, rather a blend of Pinot Noir and Gamay (and occasionally with a very small percentage of other grapes). To qualify as Dôle, natural sugar levels in the constituent grapes must pass certain levels. However, within this simple definition there is a wide variety of offerings. The ratio of the two varieties varies from 51% Pinot Noir, 49% Gamay through to 100% Pinot Noir. Generally speaking, the wines with higher proportions of Pinot Noir are better and as we follow the river Rhône westwards towards Lake Geneva, the proportion of Pinot Noir gradually decreases. Also, since 1993 growers have been allowed to add 10% of other grape types. There is speculation as to whether this is a good thing with optimists contending that the addition of varieties such as Syrah will improve overall quality - time will tell. Dôle can vary in quality from a light insipid confected wine right through to lovely complex and long lasting examples - serious stuff indeed. The best examples are from the area around Chamoson and Sierre.

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