Bordering the Wachau and Kremstal regions, and south of the Danube, lies Traisental, which takes its name from the river Traisen, a tributary to the Danube.

Wine was made here in Celtic times, before the Romans conquered these lands. Excavations from 4000 years ago testify that wine was grown here in pre-Roman times; over the centuries, terraced vineyards have been dug into the loess soils

Today some 680 hectares yield mostly Grüner Veltliner wines which are fresh, fruity, and zesty. The region is centred around the wine villages of Nussdorf, Getzersdorf, and Reichersdorf, which are surrounded by vineyards stretching to the Alpine foothills.

Traisental is a relatively obscure region, and offers some of the best value for money going in Austria. Even better value is our producer Erich Altenriederer who makes excellent wines of a quality well above their price.

Traisental is the youngest of all the Austrian wine regions despite the long history of vines in the area.

The very chalky soils of the Traisental challenge the vines to work their roots down into the rocks and impart a highly individual profile to the wines, including a full body and firm structure. Minerality functions as a flavour carrier, supporting the acidity structure and giving the wines a long ageing potential.

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