South of Vienna is the district known as Thermenregion which takes its name from ancient thermal baths (Baden is today still a spa town). The district is often compared with the Côte d'Or in France due to similar soil formation and climate.

Thermenregion is centred around the wine villages of Gumpoldskirchen, Traiskirchen, Sooß, Guntramsdorf, Tattendorf and Perchtoldsdorf. It was only created as a wine region in 1985 combining Gumpoldskirchen and Bad Vöslau.

Many grape varieties are grown here but of particular interest are the white wines from the rare indigenous Rotgipfler and Zierfandler, which give exotic wines with quince and orange aromas, have good body and which age extremely well. Zierfandler is indeed an endangered species with just a few hundred hectares in the whole world, most of it here.

We are pleased to offer a selection of reds and these obscure but excellent whites from a handful of really good makers. Christian Fischer in Sooß is one of Austria's top red wine artists. Weingut Spaetrot-Gebeshuber in Gumpoldskirchen, Harald Zierer and the Freigut at Thallern, just outside Gumpoldskirchen, a property owned by the Cistertian Monastery at Heiligenkreuez and which has been making wine since 1141. It doesn't get much more traditional than that!

Thermenregion’s warm summers and dry autumns make it the mildest of the Niederosterreich regions. Easterly breezes from the warm Pannonian Plain that covers much of Hungary blow through the vineyards in the afternoon. This, coupled with relatively prolonged periods of sunshine, creates a climate that is well suited to later-ripening varieties. Soils range from sandy loam to more pebbly, stony types that hold warmth and provide good drainage.

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