On Sunday, September 11th 2016, we were in Leeds at The Old Flax Store (better known as the home of Northern Monk Brewery), in Holbeck.

Yorkshire Wine School are a local, independent wine education company which specialises in hosting wine tastings and wine courses in Leeds, York, Harrogate and Sheffield.

The Wine Fair marks their fifth birthday and celebrates the fantastic Independent Wine Merchants whom they have had the pleasure of working with over those years. We are happy to be one of those and we are working to strengthen our collaboration with YWS.

The event ran from 1.00pm until 4.00pm.

It was a very well organised affair which is always pleasing to merchants. Massive thanks go to Laura, of course, but also to the mighty Richard for helping to carry many cases of wine up the two flights of stairs to the event room.

150 people in a smallish room leads to lots of enjoyable noise and fun and that is what the afternoon provided. There was a lot of good wine present and smiling faces everywhere.

Our wines were well received with top comments going to the Waldschutz Riesling, the Triebaumer Blaufrankisch and the Humagne Blanche which surprised many people and, when paired with some of the lovely cheese available, amazed them!