Mainly people who say "Yuk!"

I try to bring a Beaujolais Cru to any public tasting and get the same two reactions every time. Before I pour the wine, the taster asks what it is.

"Beaujolais Cru" I reply.

"Oh, yuk!" is the usual response.

That is when I explain the difference between the ultra-young, purple, bubblegum-flavoured wine that appears every third Thursday in November and the exquisite, carefully created, deep, rich, bold, cherry delight that is made during the other 364 days of the year.

As the understanding dawns and the wine is tasted, the transformation is swift and it is nearly always those people who previously had no knowledge of Beaujolais Cru who then buy at least two bottles - one for themselves and one to share with a friend so that they can explain the difference to them!



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