We Love Schnitzel

If you follow us on social media, you might have gotten the impression that we have an immoderate love for Schnitzel - it appears a lot on our table.

Allow me to correct this wrong impression: we're a lot crazier for Schnitzel than you think! And that's not counting Cordon Bleu, which we love just as much...

It's pretty certain that fried, breaded foods, were last invented somewhere between Italy and Austria, although it was probably invented in many places before. After all, it was a cracking way to make meat go further.

Nowadays we don't really need to make meat go further, but Schnitzel is still awesome.

It's actually quite quick, it's not that difficult to make, and it's fun.


Just want Schnitzel wines? They're over here


What makes a proper Schnitzel? Here's our tips page 



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