For the love of Pinot

Vinotiv - The Graubünden Pinot Alliance

The Bündner Herrschaft is home to 60 different producers in four villages (Malans, Jenins, Maienfeld, and Fläsch). There are 1,000 acres of vineyards planted here and 80% of the production is Pinot Noir.

A group of 12 have allied together to promote their love for Pinot Noir and their region. The 12 Vinotiv wineries are some of the best.

Every year they release a special limited edition case - 12 Pinot Noir, 1 per winery. They make a limited edition of 144 cases, each winery gets 12. You can enjoy 12 different Graubünden Pinot Noir in one case instead of having to buy 12 cases, 1 from each winery.

We are bringing those 12 wines to the UK, and you too can get that same selection. To stay with the spirit (and because these are rather expensive to buy, if I'm honest) I also have 12 bottles each in the first shipment.

The full price of the case would be £524 (inc VAT) but I am releasing this set at 10% off - in exchange you must tell us what you thought about the different wines!

To prevent breakages I am not sending it in a wooden box but in our safest Airpack packaging. £489.00 including shipping.



The Graubunden Pinot Case - Pure Indulgence - 12 bottles



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