1. Ben's Alpine Wines Austrian Tour Part 2
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    Ben's Alpine Wines Austrian Tour Part 2

    On Tuesday we packed our bags and said goodbye to the little part of Vienna which had been our home. Our first stop was north of the city to the town of Sachsendorf where we visited the beautiful winery of Waldschütz. We have been importing Waldschütz wine for a few years and they keep getting […]

  2. I'm not old!
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    I'm not old!

    I fell in love with mature white wines with “old” Rhône whites. “they” often tell you viognier can’t age much, but I have had extraordinary wine moments with wines people would tell you don’t make sense. So I don’t give up on wines – I taste them and if they are still good, they remain […]

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    I told you it’s all good at Weinhof Waldschütz. After getting a silver medal last year (with his first solo wine, the Grüner Veltliner Brunnthal) this year Ralph wins Gold at the Sommelier Wine Awards with his lovely Riesling Classic. This marks the wine as delicious, distinctive, and excellent value – all of which we knew of course, but it […]

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