It is one of the most enjoyable aspects of working in the wine trade when a customer decides that they would like a tasting in their home. Ben went to Manchester recently and had a lovely evening with 15 people who ranged from wine lovers to some who had barely ever had wine before. With that variety of experience and taste the wines were met with mixed reactions but almost entirely positively by the majority.

When you look at the list of wines, it is not hard to see why the company enjoyed the wines so much. Having had the older vintages of the Domaine des Muses at Mosimann’s club the previous week, there were three of the wines in a slightly younger vintage, as well as a couple of lovely rosés and two astonishing Bordeaux blends – from Switzerland and Israel!

Here is what we tasted:

Coquelicot Mousseux Aromatique Doux 2013, Domaine Saint-Germain, Savoie - Mondeuse Noire

This is a wonderful fizzy rosé and, at only 8% alcohol by volume, it is very easy to drink! Not too sweet, it really is a party in your mouth and everyone at the tasting, male and female, young and old, loved it. As summer approaches, this is the perfect wine to get you in the mood and to help you stay there!


Heida Tradition 2012, Domaine des Muses, Switzerland - Heida

Oh Robert, how do you do it? This is an amazing wine with all the meadow notes expected from Heida. Don’t expect a light and refreshing wine however, as this is a big white and should be approached with reverence. Probably best with food – fish is an obvious choice but, as discussed on the night, this has enough body to pair with pretty much anything.


Euterpe 2010, Domaine des Muses, Switzerland - Petite Arvine, Humagne Blanche

The muse of music is interpreted in this beautiful blend with the Humagne Blanche slightly softening the Petite Arvine. The flavours work together like a piano players two hands. Both make beautiful music but when combined the true beauty is revealed. When we had the 2006 at Mosimann’s, the Humagne Blanche had come through far more than it shows with this 2010. Now would be a good time to buy this wine and lay down a few bottles for 5-10 years.


5/9 Oeil de Perdrix 2012, La Cave de Genève, Switzerland - Pinot Noir

Swiss rosé is a revelation to all who try it. All expectations are blown away as soon as the first taste has hit the senses. The malolactic fermentation removes so much of the potentially harsh acidity and creates a smooth and luscious wine. Think of it as a rosé or think of it as a light Pinot Noir. Either way, it is a delightful wine.


Cornalin de Chamoson Ravannay 2008 "La Danse des Étoiles", Giroud Vins, Switzerland - Cornalin

Cornalin is a tremendous grape and this 2008 is a tremendous example of the grape. Although only 13% ABV, it is a big and powerful wine. Despite this, many of the non-red drinkers did not have any trouble with this wine.


Terpsichore 2010, Domaine des Muses, Switzerland - Cornalin, Humagne Rouge

Take Cornalin and add some Humagne Rouge and you get this rather wonderful wine. Quite a few said this was their favourite of the evening. The Humagne Rouge just heightens the Cornalin a little and the winemaker’s skill is evident in this very classy wine.


Arabesque 2009, Giroud Vins, Switzerland - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot

This was the first of the two Bordeaux blends, neither of which was from Bordeaux. This Swiss version was delicious and had everything Swiss and Bordeaux about it. Softer tannins than your average Haut-Médoc but with all the quality you would expect. There are only two dozen bottles remaining so snatch them up while you can.


Enigma 2008, Margalit, Israel - Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot

There are times when being called a ‘cult’ wine means it is not to very many people’s taste. On this occasion, it means a wine that will have those who have tasted it doing anything for more. This is a silky yet powerful wine without the ‘desert’ feel that I find in Lebanese wines. Place this in a Bordeaux tasting and it would really cause confusion! It is remarkable and of the highest quality. Why spend hundreds on Bordeaux when you can spend less than £50.00 on this magnificent beauty? At the time of writing there is only one bottle left. Who will get it first?


If you think that this sounds like a fun idea, please call us and we will arrange what we can, according to your wishes and our availability.