Portugal - where is it?

The Portuguese wines are still available but only through phoning us. We will be offering ridiculously good offers to take these wines as we want them to be enjoyed whilst also wanting them to be gone so that we can concentrate on the Alps.

Call us on 020 3151 3454 to chat about Portuguese deals while they last.

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Branco 2009, Quinta dos Avidagos 18 bottles left


Nose of medium intensity, something delicate, harmonious but without great complexity, soft scent of white flowers mixed with ripe fruit (citrus, melon, pear green). It is a wine that conveys freshness with a background marked by some minerality. The palate is light to medium bodied; there is quite some complexity here, with fresh orchard fruit and citrus flavours and a good long clean finish.


Dom Diogo Alvarinho 2010, Quinta da Raza 79 bottles left


This wine has a fruity nose with gooseberries and hints of yellow stone fruit, along with delicate aromas of rose petals. There is plenty of fruit on the palate and good length.

Drink at 8-10ºC.

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Dom Diogo Vinho Verde Branco Arinto 2010 44 bottles left


A single variety wine from Vinho Verde, this one made from the Arinto grape.

Arinto is a grape with relatively high acidity, tamed during the vinification process to produce elegant lemon-coloured wines which can be very refreshing.

This example has a complex nose of gooseberries, minerality and a hint of mint. On the palate, again gooseberries, some herbs and camomile, all wrapped up in a lovely creamy texture. Refreshing spritz.

Drink at 8-10ºC with fish, seafood, white meats, pasta and risottos.

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Dom Diogo Vinho Verde Branco Azal 2010 32 bottles left


This premium Vinho Verde is made from 100% Azal - a variety not usually vinified single.

This wine is superb stuff; it has a delicate and intense aroma, and has good fruit on the palate with a creamy texture.

There is a mineral base underpinning the fruit and the crisp acidity, along with a slight CO2 prickle makes this wine highly refreshing.

Drink at 8-10°C with fish, seafood, or white meats.


Selected Harvest White 2008, Duinta dos Currais 24 bottles left


Most blends get a name, but they don't do this at Quinta dos Currais - I'm not sure if that's a good thing or not. Anyway, this un-named wine is a blend of 50% Fonte-Cal, 25% Arinto and 25% Siria. A very pale yellow, with aromas of lychees reflected on the palate along with gooseberries and yellow stone fruit, this is a lovely summer wine and a year-round a partner for white meats and freshwater fish.

Really creamy now, after 8 years in the bottle. A splendid wine.


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