One of these varieties everyone should have heard of, but so few have. Syrah's grandfather, or perhaps Syrah's half sister, and gloriously Alpine. It should be one of the next big things.

You meet that intriguing dark stranger. They might have stepped out from a Brontë novel but one set in Savoie. Though you could fall in love with them and not have your heart broken - as long as you can keep up with them up the hills...

What is he (or she)? Have a sip and tell me.

A touch of wildness, but very smooth demeanor... excellent manners, actually. Until the wildness sneaks through again.

Soft hearted outlaw or world famous poet in hiding, or... perhaps... both? That's Mondeuse Noire.

The wine is dark, dense, proper tannins, just a touch of wildness, yet smooth and with fruitiness to keep it balanced. It can be made very intense, or playfully fruity. 

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(If your dark brooding stranger from Savoie is a hypnotically seductive werewolf, you're not drinking Mondeuse, you're drinking Persan, we'll cover that one another day.)