Beautiful Blaufrankisch lives on forever!

Birth, taxes and death are the three constants in all our lives and the same applies to wine.

We only let the last bottle of a fantastic wine sit awaiting a buyer for so long. Eventually, we decide it's your loss, our gain, and we drink it. Today we marked the end of a wonderful wine, the Sankt Georgener 2006 from Moric.

To give it a good send-off, we tasted it against another superb Blaufränkisch, Triebaumer's Reserve 2011. Tasting blind took a little while to confidently separate the two but, as they opened up, the differences in age and oak became more apparent. There was also a slight difference in residual sugar, with the Triebaumer having a fraction more than the Moric. Differences aside, the two wines are both marvellous examples of just how good Blaufränkisch is as a high-class grape. It can be overlooked as a fine wine, as there is so much very good cheaper Blaufränkisch available in Austria, but to do so would be to miss out on some tremendous experiences.

Whilst we mourn the end of the Moric, we can celebrate the Triebaumer and look forward to tasting it through the next five years until it has the same age as the Sankt Georgener. If there is any left in 2022, we will be sure to remember this tasting and will be able to compare the wines once again.