Happy Birthday Robb


To my long suffering husband, racing after me in this crazy adventure. Happy Birthday Robb!

Customers who have met us at tastings, wine fairs or dinners know Robb, who with patience and tolerance puts up with my crazy vision and all my ideas and picks up the pieces when I worry myself into gloom. He cooks up most of what you see on our table. Cheers to you, Robb.

We're in Switzerland so I am taking him out to the little food and wine haven of La Gare in Lucens. A few miles from my town of origin (which is up the hill between Broye Fribourgeoise and Gruyères). Off the beaten track for tourists, but one of the best Swiss Wine lists and warm and welcoming hosts I met at a wine tasting.



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Happy Birthday Robb! Hope you are enjoying your trip! Jean

Posted by Jean Dobson on 19th March 2014 at 12:51pm

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