The "wow, what was *that*?" wine moment


Friday January 6th, we're getting ready to send the newsletter out.

As is our habit, Friday at the end of the day we open a bottle of a wine (or two) we've had a while, for our own Friday "wine o'clock" revisit. Check it out, update our tasting notes, finish the week nicely.

Three people at three different computers all get handed a glass of wine, each a little distracted as the newsletter isn't sent yet.

Ten seconds pass in silence.

Then, near simultaneously, three "Wow". Three leave the computer, gather round the Alpine HQ table (my mother's old table) and "really? was it this good last time we tasted it? how can it be this good"

Beaujolais 2009 has a lot more to offer still. And this Régnié is proof.

The newsletter went out a little late.


Régnié 2009, Maison des Bulliats

The original description says

A deep ruby red colour with hints of violet and a wonderful nose of pepper, dark fruit, rubbed bramble leaf and earth. On the palate it is medium bodied, fruity and sappy, with lots of dark crunchy brambly fruit, spice and a hint of liquorice. The finish is long and dry, again with dark brambly fruit and a hint of gamey undergrowth. It is excellent with hams, pork, other meat dishes and cheeses. Best served cool at 14-15°C.



Wow! The tasting notes above are accurate but do not in any way describe how fantastic this wine is. It is utterly beautiful in a way that no wine has a right to be. How can we have so much available? Get it now before I buy it all.




Wow. As the tasting notes describe, sappy bramble fuit (without the bramble picking scratches). But more concentrated than you'd imagine. This is the "bigness" of the 2009 vintage all focused, not bold and loud, no, it's still Gamay in all its quiet beauty, intensified.

More info

The Morgon vigne centenaire 2009 below is exceptional and makes our wine of the week. But the Régnié beat it for sheer focused pleasure, and you can almost have two of this one for one of the Morgon.

Other wines revisited this week

Grande Selection Morgon Vigne Centenaire 2009, Colonat

Our wine of the week. I still love it as much as when I bought it in 2013

This is yet another demonstration of the excellence of 2009 and the brilliance of many of the Beaujolais winemakers, this time the Collonges family. A no compromise Gamay. Think you don't like Gamay? Think again. And you won't be surprised that people are replanting it all around the wine world.



Zweigelt 2009, Altenriederer

Your first Zweigelt? make it this one. Not on your first? make the next one this one///

It is a super wine which is great on its own, with a fat cigar (or no cigar - Joelle) or to accompany venison in a red wine sauce



Pinot Noir vom Pfaffen/Calanda 2013, Sprecher von Bernegg

This particular Pinot Noir is exciting from the moment it is poured. Forget the rest of the world. Drink Swiss Pinot Noir!



Sauvignon Blanc 2009, ALEXS

Mature wines are always fascinating and often provide sensory treats that are otherwise missed. This Sauvignon Blanc has become one of those. You won't immediately recognise the variety, but you will recognise a beautiful mature white wine.


Brouilly "Pisse-Vieille" 2009, Lathuiliere-Gravallon

A dark, exciting nose of black cherries and a touch of forest floor leads to a deep cherry taste bound up with soft tannins.


Beaujolais Villages 2013, Deschamps

The 2013 is a real smoothy. The nose is quite subdued but as you would expect from Gamay and on the palate this is a fruity and delicious wine.

Based on my experience not so long ago with the 2008, I expect it will get more expressive again in a few months


Prälat Riesling "Alte Reben" Spätlese 2008, Schmitges

Despite its age, this is still very fresh with a mouth-watering acidity that is delightful and accompanies the green apple and pineapple flavours.

We finished the bottle with fish and chips that evening - good match :)



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