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If you're a regular customer you know we like wines to be interesting - a little better, a little cleverer, a little different. So it should not come as a suprise that we have some fascinating sparkling wines!

Creamy fizz, incredibly aromatic bubbles, red sparkling wines, dry or off-dry... we have it all.
And if that's not enough... scroll on, there's more!

PS: Oh, and for New Year's eve it need not always be sparkling, but it should always be a meaningful bottle. Our (Joelle and Robb's) traditional New Year's Eve choice has no bubbles - I reveal all at the end of this page.


Creamy Smooth Swiss Gems

Swiss Chasselas is made to be smooth, creamy and without edges - for people who don't enjoy the acidity in many sparkling wines (and even for those who do), it can be a revelation!

Our Sparkling "Maison Blanche Blanc de Blancs" has been wowing people at events all Autumn - it was wine of the week in the Daily Mail on December 28th 2014 and wowed everyone at the recent Fizz Festival.

The sparkling Chasselas is made in the traditional method, with plenty of time on the lees and in the bottle to mature into superb delicious easy drinking wine - enjoy! 

Blanc de Blancs Brut Domaine de Maison Blanche


More info


Austrian Sekt - Fabulously Aromatic

We have some of the best Austrian Sekt choices - aromatic and made from classic Austrian varieties. Klosterneuburg were pioneers of sparkling wines centuries ago, Steininger are widely recognised as the best Sekt and Langmann makes the best Schilcher.

You can tell that this would have been a great wine even without the bubbles and for me, that makes all the difference.

As a great fan of Savagnin the Traminer is probably my favourite - but they are all very very good :) All of these and more  Buy them here

Muskateller Sekt Weingut Steininger



How About RED Bubbles?

Something a little bolder for the New Year? We have four sparkling reds - Pinot Noir, two Gamay and a Zweigelt


For me red sparkling only works with a light touch - no oak, smooth tannins, enough freshness to handle the bubbles. We have four sparkling reds - three dry and one off fruity dry. Gamay works beautifully here - but the revelation is the two Steininger, which really are a beautiful typical red Pinot Noir or Zweigelt. Even in the nose, bubbles or no bubbles

Buy them here

We also have a fun red vinho verde - no bubbles but a typical touch of fizz. That one is hiding in the Portugal section.


Something Lighter?

A soft sparkling made of Riesling and Grüner Veltliner - enjoyable, smooth, fun.

FL Classique


Coquelicot Mousseux Aromatique Doux, Domaine Saint-Germain

Off-dry sparkling rosé from Mondeuse Noire, 8% alcohol, utterly delicious fruity and fun sparkling.

For Summer, for Winter, for in between, for parties, for staying in with your friends, for the big day or to make an everyday day special. Something to enjoy without losing your edge.



Riesling with bubbles

Riesling is the queen of white grapes for a reason - a hard to match complexity, works from bone dry to sweet and so many terroirs.

So why not as a sparkling?

It works so well it is surprising there isn't that much sparkling Riesling out there.

Riesling Sekt Weingut Philipps-Eckstein



And our tradition is?

I can't remember the exact year, it might have been 1998, I read about a wine in the paper - a Swiss sweet wine perfect with Foie Gras. Coincidentally we had my dad visiting for Christmas and he'd brought us a whole Foie Gras au Torchon.

I had to go a little out of my way to get my hands on it - but get my hands on it I did. And fell in love forever.

We've been having Foie Gras, Toast and Mitis for New Year's eve ever since.

And why not? Try it!

Mitis Amigne de Vétroz, Cave Jean-René Germanier



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