A spicy way to test Swiss Sparkling Wines


Our bin ends and mature wine sections in our shop are always worth a visit, we check them often so we can guarantee they are still great wine moments. For two sparkling wines from 2000 we dared a takeaway curry feast (yes, presentation leaves a little to be desired, this is "at our table" and we're just lazy busy people)

Here with the Valstar Brut Cuvée "Cuvee Millenaire" Varone (quite smooth and with buttery biscuit and a certain concentration due perhaps to maturity, delicious and was great with the spicy food, all gone now) We also tried the La Genevoisie 2000 Brut Chardonnay (very classic traditional method, still fresh as new, perhaps better with seafood or to drink on its own than with the curries).

Note. Labels might showing a slight signs of age and a certain evolution due to maturity is always to be expected. If you are not familiar with drinking mature wines call us for some suggestions.



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