Nick Dobson Wines was founded at the end of 2002 by Nick Dobson, and in 2012 passed on to me, Joelle Nebbe-Mornod.

Most people come to us for the Austrian, Swiss, German and Beaujolais wines, and the Alpine regions are what I grew up in and know best.

In order to make our focus clearer we will be renaming ourselves "Alpine Wines" in 2014 - the small number of wines from non Alpine regions - Portugal, New Zealand, Champagne - will disappear, and the range from the Alps will grow to cover all the Alpine regions.

I had the advantage to grow up in the alpine heart of Europe and am saddened to see how ignored the wines are in the UK trade. These wines and the culture and lifestyle they come from are distinctive, in part because they enjoy a sufficient local market and did not need to court the international taste, and they really add a diversity that is missing in the market.

I know many more people would enjoy these smooth aromatic food friendly and so interesting wine, including people that think they don't enjoy wine - if they could only encounter them. I meet every day food and wine lovers whose tastes and wishes are not well served by the monolithic wines in the normal distribution channels and who are so delighted to find us. I know and love "my" winemakers, as producers and as friends, and know increasingly many of my customers too. The wine moments we share and allow you to share further, are also moments of precious human connection.

I also believe that I am uniquely placed to find and bring these wines to the UK, and am crazy enough to try.