Blauer Wildbacher Lestoá Rot

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Austria  Styria 

Blauer Wildbacher is a red grape normally used only in Schilcher Rosé. Lestoá Reds are only made in good years. The wine has red berry and herbal aromas, with good body again red berry fruit with some spice.

Winemaker Strohmeier
Features Organic, Oaked, Low Intervention, "Natural"
Style Red, Still, Dry, Single Variety
  • Alpine Wines Grape Varieties: Blauer Wildbacher
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The Strohmeier are early pioneers of organic, low/no sulphur natural wine and orange wines. These are beautifully made, clean and precise wines, typically Alpine Wines style wines.

Tasted in August 2012 with a couscous and the wine is superb - very "Italian" in style and perfect indeed for spicy dishes.

In 2003 the grapes were extremely ripe and there was a high level of tannins in the grape skins. The wine was fermented on the skins for 14 days in stainless steel tank and after a further soft pressing the wine was transferred to oak barrels (60% new oak, 225 litre) and matured for 20 months.

Lestoá 2003 has a great potential for ripening. It is best to give it some air in a carafe before drinking. It goes very well with dark meat dishes with spicy sauces.

Ben says (July 2016): I opened this with some trepidation given its age and style of production, not because I have anything against natural wine but because I anticipated some oxidisation. As it happens, this wine does have some sulphur added and there was no reason for me to worry.

The wine is fantastically dark and has a tremendous nose. The forest floor covered in ripe brambles with redcurrants and blackcurrants bound up in herbs and spices, all wrapped in old leather. Wonderful! It is a wine that I could inhale all day long.

In the mouth, the tannins attack but without causing offense. Both red and black currants continue, as does the leather. This is a wine that is not ashamed by its age but flaunts it. Ditch the Cabernet Sauvignon and reach for the Blauer Wildbacher, wave the steaks at the kitchen on the way past and serve them together. This is living!


Style Red, Still, Dry, Single Variety
Winemaker Strohmeier
Country Austria
Region Styria
Features Organic, Oaked, Low Intervention, "Natural"
Closure Natural Cork
Varieties Blauer Wildbacher
Ripeness Normal
Winemaking Spontaneous Yeast, Low Added Sulphur
No longer available
VintageProduct CodeAlcoholkeeps at least until
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