Pinot Noir Alte Reben

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Switzerland  Graubünden 

The perfect example of a "classic" Graubünden Pinot Noir.

Features Unoaked
Style Red, Still, Dry, Single Variety
  • Alpine Wines Grape Varieties: Pinot Noir
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Such great Pinot Noir and this is the last we will see of it from Cicero, so grab yours now!

Whilst every wine and every expression of a grape can have it's qualities, there is always something special about a wine that has been allowed to show off the typicity of a grape. This Pinot Noir is one of those wines.

The first thing to notice is that it has a glass stopper so there is less chance of finding a corked wine. Don't ever pontificate that a glass stopper will be totally effective as the bacteria that causes a wine to be corked can slip in from the barrel. I have it on good authority that there have been examples of corked wine in glass stoppered bottles.

The wine is a beautifully light ruby, very typically Pinot Noir and a delight to look at in the glass. It speaks of elegance and delicacy and it is not wrong. On the nose this is like breathing pure Pinot Noir. The aromas are intense from the first pouring although, if you manage to leave some for a second day, they can become more subdued. Massive amounts of red and black fruits with spice galore and an underlying earthiness that grounds the wine and prevents it from being altogether too ethereal.

In the mouth the wine is even better. This is created to be sipped rather than quaffed. A delight to be savoured and never rushed, even if you just want to get to another bottle! The fruits continue to dominate and the texture is smooth and silky. The finish is long and delicious.

Put the Burgundy back on the shelf and do yourself a favour. Drink this instead. Every time.

"Not having tasted Swiss Pinot Noir for a long time, I would most liken this to a good German Spätburgunder – a little more power than a lot of Burgundy equivalents, but still fresh and savoury.  It shows lots of red (strawberry & raspberry) and black (blackberry & blackcurrant) fruit – it’s in no way austere, but neither is it shouty.

I recently attended a Pinot Noir masterclass in Dublin and I would rate this as better than both the French and New Zealand representatives – it definitely stands up against Burgundy of the same or higher price." Frankly Wines (

Wine Details

Style Red, Still, Dry, Single Variety
Country Switzerland
Region Graubünden
Features Unoaked
Closure Glass
Varieties Pinot Noir
Ripeness Normal
Winemaking Low Added Sulphur, Malolactic


No longer available
VintageProduct CodeAlcoholkeeps at least until


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