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Weingut Christ

Weingut Christ

Rainer Christ is one of the best in Vienna.
His main vineyards lie on the gently sloping south-facing Bisamberg Hill on the north-eastern boundary of Vienna.

The Bisamberg is apparently the most easterly Alp so Christ's wines are technically Alpine. But even if they weren't I would have to list them, as he produces such amazing bottles.

The Christs have been winemakers for 400 years and today the property is a remarkable blend of old and new with modern cellars and cutting-edge architecture.

He is also a pioneer of very gentle wine production methods, trying to minimise histamines in the wine. People sensitive to histamines will appreciate. The wines are also certified Vegan.

Rainer was a pioneer in reviving the classic Viennese Gemischter Satz. Other highlights of his range are the Zweigelt Bisamberg and the Pinot Blanc.
We think the Pinot Blanc is one of the best anywhere, and also the secret behind why the Gemischter Satz is so good

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