Weissburgunder Jungherrn

, Austria
Fresh and balanced Pinot Blanc, even with its age.

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Weissburgunder Jungherrn

, Austria

Availability: In stock

Fresh and balanced Pinot Blanc, even with its age.
Pinot Blanc from Austria - if you haven't tried some yet, you really should.
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Weissburgunder "Jungherrn" 2011, Klosterneuburg 11
Weissburgunder Jungherrn

Weissburgunder Jungherrn 2011

The Wine


Jungherrn - the vineyard the novices took care of, to help pay for their upkeep. No novices were harmed in the making of this wine, though...

Ben says of the 2011 (October 2017): What a lovely wine! Very food friendly and easy to drink. Ideas for seafood recipies came flooding out as we tasted this wine. We settled on langoustines cooked with smoked butter.

This is a clean, lemon-gold coloured wine with long legs. Despite it's years there is still a lot of freshness and plenty of citrus on the nose and some tertiary notes coming through. A saké-like raspberriness hides in the background. In the mouth the wine retains plenty of acidity to balance the age and the flavours are packed with elegance. The tropics dominate with loads of banana, pineapple and melon and the hint of raspberry continues. The finish is long and very pleasant as the flavours return throughout.

Beautiful to drink on it's own and very good to match with food.

Flo says of the 2011 (July 2018): Notes of saffron linger on the palate as you drink this wine and images of crab bisque and other rich seafood pairings come to mind.

Additional Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Stift Klosterneuberg
Featured Themes Last Chance, Mature Vintage Available
Style White, Single Variety, Dry, Still
Variety Pinot Blanc
Key Features Single Vineyard
Country Austria
Region(s) Vienna
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Aged In Steel
Vintages 2011
Last Tasted 12 Oct 2017
vintage: 2011
stock: 11 available from London Warehouse
product code:[4312044]
last checked in:2018-07-18

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size: 0.75
stock: 11 available from London Warehouse
product code:[4312044]
variety:Pinot Blanc
last checked in:2018-07-18

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