White Wine,

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White Wine,

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100% Johannisberg Riesling harvested on the slopes of the Judean Hills.
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Riesling 2009


White Wine, Vitkin


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The Wine


This wine is well focused and aromatic, with a fragrance of fresh lime-green citrus fruit and white flowers. Full-flavoured with a crisp acidity, it goes especially well with seafood with rich sauces or roasted chicken (or duck) Chinese style.

The wine was aged on its fine lees for about 3 months which has resulted in enhanced complexity and flavour. 

Serve well chilled at a temperature of 8-12°C. Under proper storage conditions it will continue to develop complexity and mineral aromas.

Ben says (October 2016): It is marvellous how some wines mature into a different, yet totally gorgeous, creation. This Riesling has moved from the crispness described above in to the perfect tagine wine! On the nose and in the mouth there are a wealth of apricots, something I can not remember having experienced so much in any Riesling before. It is the representation of the perfumed East as described in many tales of old. Don't anticipate anything typical at all but revel in the way that maturity can alter a grape a completely new direction.

Utterly unexpected and fabulous!

Ben says (August 2018): So, 22 months later and what do we find? First, a very friable cork which refused to fully exit and so the wine required decanting. Second, it mattered not a jot as the wine continues to delight. The nose and taste remain fully in the mystic East. Still far from a typical Riesling but exactly where you want this particular wine to be.

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Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Vitkin
Colour White Wine
Style Single Variety, White, Still, Dry
Variety Riesling
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Last Tasted 19 Oct 2016
Vintages 2009

[NDW9720003] 2009


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product code:[NDW9720003]
closure:Natural Cork
last checked in:2018-08-20

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