Zierfandler-Rotgipfler Beerenauslese

White Wine, Austria

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Zierfandler-Rotgipfler Beerenauslese

White Wine, Austria

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The blend of Zierfandler and Rotgiplfer, 'Zi-ro' as we shorten it, is fabulous as a dessert wine. Try it with apple desserts!
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White Wine, Austria, Thermenregion Harald Zierer

Harald Zierer

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The Wine


Fourteen years after bottling, this wine is as fresh and vibrant as it must have been in 2002. That may seem an odd way to describe any sweet wine but, with this Zierfandler-Rotgipfler, it certainly applies as the acidity really cuts through the sweetness admirably.

There is plenty of action on the nose with sweetness, citrus and apricot, peach and nectarine in abundance. A slight hint of salinity is just what is needed to avoid too much cloyingness and this wine has just that.

The citrus and sweetness compete in the mouth with the former hitting first and then fading to allow the latter through. Once again, it reminds me of the childhood sweets of my children with its tangy flavours of lemon, lime, apple and, of course, those wonderful stone fruits. Greengage comes through far more in the mouth than on the nose.

This is a surprising and delicious wine, belying its age with its zesty and youthful attack.

Additional Information


Product code ZIERERZRBA
Bottle Size 0.5
Winemaker Harald Zierer
Colour White Wine
Sweet Yes
Style White, Still, Sweet
Variety Rotgiplfer, Zierfandler
Country Austria
Region(s) Thermenregion
Ripeness Beerenauslese
Closure Natural Cork
Last Tasted 31 Aug 2016
Vintages 2002

[4320026] 2002


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size: 0.5
product code:[4320026]
closure:Natural Cork
last checked in:2016-08-31

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