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Our Wines - Switzerland

Our Wines - Switzerland

Switzerland is a fabulous winemaking country and one of the most wine crazy countries. There's an exuberance of native and international varieties available, as well as totally new ones! Right on your doorstep in the heart of Europe, often ignored for its larger neighbours, Switzerland is an unmissable experience for every wine lover.

Swiss Wine - Small and Perfectly Formed

Wine has been grown in Switzerland for 2,000 years. Yet very little is known about these wines outside of Switzerland. That is because the Swiss drink most of it, so Swiss wine is hard to find.

Still, seeking out Swiss wine is worth the effort because the quality is exceptional. 

The vineyards landscapes are enchanting and the diversity is incredible. Add to that a requirement to be sustainable and green, quality expectations unrivaled anywhere, with unique terroirs and varieties and you have a wine lover's dreamland.

In Switzerland wine is so embedded in life and land that everyone either is a winemaker or knows one (usually many). There are hundreds of small family producers and even the larger winemakers are small on the world scale, which allows for diversity and high quality. We have chosen some of the best representatives of Switzerland's wine scene - classic family wineries, top cooperatives and cult winemakers. 

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  1. Blanc de Blancs Demi-Sec
    Domaine de Maison Blanche

    Elderflower bubbles. Learn More

  2. Mitis Amigne de Vétroz
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    A stunning sweet. 2011. Learn More

  3. Aigle Les Murailles
    Badoux Vins

    The reference Swiss Chasselas. Back in Stock soon. Learn More

  4. Mont-Sur-Rolle Grand Cru
    Domaine de Maison Blanche

    Our classic Chasselas - just right! Learn More

  5. Petite Arvine
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    NEW! 2015 just in. Learn More

  6. Clos du Boux Epesses
    Luc Massy

    Classic Lavaux Chasselas. Learn More

  7. Chemin de Fer
    Luc Massy

    One of the legendary Chasselas of Lavaux. Learn More

  8. Bianco Rovere
    Guido Brivio

    Guaranteed surprise! Learn More

  9. Gewürztraminer
    Chanton Wein

    The wine that was never meant to be. Last chance. Learn More

  10. Fendant Balavaud Grand Cru
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    2014 just in. Learn More

  11. Amigne de Vétroz Balavaud Grand Cru
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Discover one of the best Amigne. Learn More

  12. Euterpe Séduction Blanche
    Domaine des Muses

    Seduction is certainly the right word. This is a stunning white Learn More

  13. Heida, Maître de Chais Réserve

    Bright and clear like a trumpet solo. Learn More

  14. Viognier
    Domaine de Maison Blanche

  15. Eclat
    Valais Mundi

    No compromise and infinitely subtle. Learn More

  16. Domaine du Chapitre

    Serious Swiss Oaked Blend Learn More

  17. Neuchatel Non Filtré
    Domaine de Montmollin

    Arrived! Learn More

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Swiss Wine Regions

Nearly every canton (county) produces wine but the main areas are along the lakes and major rivers. In Western Switzerland along Lake Geneva, Lake Neuchâtell and the Rhône. In Eastern Switzerland along the Rhine and Lake Zürich. In Southern Switzerland in the lake valleys of Italian speaking Ticino. Start your journey below:



Vaud is a wine tourists paradise with four very distinctive regions steeped in beauty and history.



Valais is the uncontestable champion of Swiss wines on the international scene.


Neuchâtel & Trois Lacs

Pinot Noir, Oeil de Pedrix and lively whites


Ticino (Tessin)

A land where Merlot thrives.


Eastern Switzerland

Zürich, Schaffhausen, Aargau, Thurgau, St. Gallen, Basel.



A perfect short food and wine break.



Pinot Noir extraordinaire.

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