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  • Blanc de Savoie Coutaz Domaine St-Germain

    Starting at: £17.34

    The Saint Germain version is perhaps less typical than the Chignin Jacquère. A little less fesh, but it remains vivacious with a mineral nose, floral notes (apple blossoms?) and citrus in the finish.

    Out of stock

  • Gewürztraminer Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £33.95

    The wine that was never meant to be. Last chance.
  • Cornalin "Champmarais" Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Starting at: £67.94

    A powerful wine both stylish and harmonious. The perfect expression of the Cornalin in all its typicity.

  • Terpsichore Séduction Rouge Domaine des Muses

    Starting at: £60.30

    An astonishingly glorious blend that leaves the drinker stunned by its beauty.
  • Ruster Ausbruch "Auf den Flugeln der Morgenrote" Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £39.60

    Heidi's Ausbruch is made from a mixture of grape varieties - a blend of mainly Welschriesling and Pinot blanc and a tiny bit of Sauvignon blanc and Furmint.
  • Ruster Ausbruch "Turner" Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £52.80

    All Ausbruch is rare and obscure, but this is rarer still - a single vineyard wine made from 100% Furmint, another obscure variety.
  • Chénas Vieilles Vignes Franck Bessone

    Starting at: £15.86

    A more complex, old vine version of Franck's Chénas - more mineral.
  • Neuburger Leithaberg DAC Weingut Kiss

    Starting at: £15.23

    long maceration orange wine, aromatic and delicious
  • Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC Weingut Kiss

    Starting at: £18.97

    Perfect Now
  • Fleurie "Les Garants" Franck Bessone

    Starting at: £17.29

    Now In! Point du Jour's Vineyards, Franck Bessone's Genius
  • Resi Vispertal Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £39.00

    Ultra-rare grape revived by Chanton.
  • Lafnetscha Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £42.78

    If you like to try rare grapes, here is one of the rarest!
  • Himbertscha Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £24.00

    Nobody really knows much of the origins of the white Himbertscha grape. The variety was nearly extinct until its cultivation was revived in 1984 by Chanton.
  • Plantscher Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £39.00

    The Plantscher is a descendent of Furmint. This is an aromatic wine mostly enjoyed with cheese.
  • Gwäss Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £30.00

    A delicious example made with the rare, but hugely influential, Gouais Blanc/Gwäss grape.
  • Heida Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £32.40

    Mouth-wateringly fantastic. A taste of summer meadows. This is up there with the very best Valaisan whites you will find.
  • Heida Mario Beerenauslese Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £48.13

    Incredibly complex and crystal pure dessert wine.
  • Ermitage Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £36.48


    Out of stock

  • Eyholzer Roter Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £26.40

    A surprising Alpine red
  • Humagne Rouge Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £37.66

    A lovely example of Humagne Rouge.

    Out of stock

  • Petite Arvine Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £30.00

    A glorious Swiss grape (grown a little in France too) that deserves to be given a fanfare.
  • Pinot Noir Mario Barrique Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £46.24

    A lovely oaked Pinot Noir.
  • Riesling Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £36.48

    An elegant Riesling - notes of green apple.
  • Riesling Mario Trockenbeerenauslese Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £62.98

    A superb 'stickie' from Chanton.
  • Mondeuse "Les Taillis" Rouge de Savoie Domaine St-Germain

    Starting at: £16.42

    Superb Mondeuse showing the fruit and the wild side of Mondeuse.
  • Schilcher Klassik Strohmeier

    Starting at: £16.80

    Natural, low sulphur wine by one of the best pioneers.
  • Blauer Wildbacher Lestoá Rot Strohmeier

    Starting at: £19.20

    rare red made from Blauer Wildbacher. Natural wine, low sulfur, low intervention, slow wine

    Out of stock

  • Eiswein "Crystal" Eyholzer Roter Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £67.07

    One of the world's most unusual and rare wines.

    Out of stock

  • Fleurie Haute Couture Jérome Lacondemine

    Starting at: £22.62

    Not your typical Fleurie

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