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  • Even the rarities are chosen for your drinking pleasure first.
  • From the winemakers they love most back in their home country.
  • You should feel safe discovering our wines so we guarantee them (see FAQs).
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  • Cornalin Grand Métral Provins

    Starting at: £24.47

    Its perfect maturity results in a rounded and well structured palate, fine tannins and a velvety texture.
  • Chiroubles Chatenay Domaine Lathuilière-Gravallon

    Starting at: £15.60

    Stunning Chiroubles from Fernand Gravallon.
  • Rubin Carnuntum Franz / Christine Netzl

    Starting at: £17.40

    A delicious Zweigelt, Rubin Carnuntum, is the AOC name for a classic type of Zweigelt. Strict quality requirements make it a richer version of the classic Zweigelt.
  • Pinot Noir No. 2 Schlossgut Bachtobel

    Starting at: £41.18

    NEW IN! Classic Pinot Noir from Eastern Switzerland.
  • Pinot Noir No. 3 Schlossgut Bachtobel

    Starting at: £48.59

    NEW IN! Legendary Pinot Noir from Eastern Switzerland.
  • Syrah de Sion, Maître de Chais - Réserve & Réserve Spéciale Provins

    Starting at: £30.00

    A gorgeous Syrah from Provins.
  • Touché Guido Brivio

    Starting at: £33.11

    The perfectly balanced Merlot - fruit and body, still at a nice price, just right. "Touché" indeed.
  • Platinum Guido Brivio

    Starting at: £100.42

    A masterpiece of concentration.
  • Dogaia Guido Brivio

    Starting at: £30.00

    A blend of Merlot and Gamaret that both surprised and delighted us when we visited Guido Brivio.
  • Sassi Grossi Gialdi

    Starting at: £60.04

    One of my favourite Merlots anywhere!
  • Pinot Noir Balavaud Grand Cru Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Starting at: £25.70

    Classic Pinot
  • Pinot Noir 'M' Cicero

    Starting at: £38.40

    Last chance to snatch up this cult Pinot Noir.
  • Pinot Noir Alte Reben Cicero

    Starting at: £26.40

    NEW IN! Another great Pinot Noir from Cicero.
  • Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC Weingut Kiss

    Starting at: £18.97

    Perfect Now
  • Fleurie "Les Garants" Franck Bessone

    Starting at: £17.29

    Now In! Point du Jour's Vineyards, Franck Bessone's Genius
  • Cayas, Syrah Barrique Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Starting at: £58.51

    Cayas, Syrah Du Valais, is a concentrated Syrah from the “Rhône Supérieur” (the upper Rhône above Lake Geneva).
  • Merlot Neuberg Alexs

    Starting at: £28.80

    Fantastic Merlot from a fantastic winemaker.
  • Riedenthal Reserve Weingut Breitenfelder

    Starting at: £18.00

    A beautiful red blend from Breitenfelder.
  • Eyholzer Roter Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £26.40

    A surprising Alpine red
  • Pinot Noir Mario Barrique Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £46.24

    A lovely oaked Pinot Noir.
  • Cuvée XXI Weingut Christ

    Starting at: £36.12

    An Austria Bordeaux blend to rival the French.
  • Regnié Domaine de Colonat

    Starting at: £14.77

    Classically made Régnié Beaujolais - fresh and spicy.
  • Bouzy Rouge Grand Cru Coteau Champenois NV H. Dauvergne

    Starting at: £33.58

    An unique Pinot. Last Chance.
  • Merlot Saleggi Delea

    Starting at: £12.00

    Merlot from Losone, Ticino
  • Cabernet Merlot Premium Weingut Christian Fischer

    Starting at: £25.20

    A magnificent Cabernet Merlot blend from Fischer - grab it while you can.
  • Merlot Premium Weingut Christian Fischer

    Starting at: £26.40

    Stunningly good Austrian Merlot.
  • Constellation Giroud Vins

    Starting at: £48.00

    This is a big blend wine. Dive in, if you dare!
  • Persan Maison Philippe Grisard

    Starting at: £25.37

    The wild red of the french Alps
  • Mondeuse Tradition Edmond Jacquin et Fils

    Starting at: £11.40

    Dark and fruity Mondeuse, the mysterious stranger
  • Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch Stift Klosterneuberg

    Starting at: £19.20

    A warm and generous Pinot Noir from Klosterneuburg.
  • Terre Vivante - Assemblage Rouge Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    Starting at: £36.00

    BIG, big red from Gregor Kuonen.
  • Rubin Carnuntum Markowitsch

    Starting at: £20.00

    Top quality Zweigelt.
  • Rikiki - Elixir des Anges Domaine Matray

    Starting at: £18.97

    Domaine Matray's "Elixir of the Angels" is a most unusual and very delicious find. A fortified Juliénas wine made from the Gamay grape. Most unusual and well worth trying.
  • Humagne Rouge Simon Maye et Fils

    Starting at: £32.40

    A top-notch Humagne Rouge from Maye.
  • Brouilly "Les Bruyeres" Domaine du Point du Jour

    Starting at: £10.80

    Spicy Brouilly
  • Pinot Noir Sekt Weingut Steininger

    Starting at: £29.35

    If you took all the bubbles out, this would be a very good Pinot Noir. As a matter of fact, they sell it as still Pinot Noir too. They just make sparkling out of some of it. From the nose, you can tell it's Pinot, but not that it's sparkling...
  • Mondeuse "Les Taillis" Rouge de Savoie Domaine St-Germain

    Starting at: £16.42

    Superb Mondeuse showing the fruit and the wild side of Mondeuse.
  • Gama-Belle Cave de La Cote Uvavins

    Starting at: £38.36

    A wine for chocolate.
  • Juliénas Domaine Matray

    Starting at: £12.00

    A splendid unoaked Juliénas from the magnificent Matray.
  • FLEURIE Cuvée Tradition Domaine du Point du Jour

    Starting at: £15.23

    The Point du Jour's classic style Fleurie - a smooth, flowery Fleurie with Jocelyne's signature touch of spice on the palate. A finish with hints of white pepper and gingerbread.
  • Fleurie Selection de Vieilles Vignes Domaine du Point du Jour

    Starting at: £17.42

    A top unoaked Fleurie, made from very old vines and it shows in the complexity of the wine. Not your everyday Fleurie!
  • Humagne Rouge du Valais "Grandmaître" Barrique Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    Starting at: £49.13

    This wine is made from grapes grown on better exposed slopes and with restricted yield.
  • Merlot "Grandmaître" Barrique Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    Starting at: £50.90

    Quite an unusual wine for Switzerland - but excellent.
  • Humagne Rouge Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Starting at: £26.70

    A delicious red wine that shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.
  • Blaufränkisch GEN Alexs

    Starting at: £33.60

    unique wine made from a young vineyard's first real harvest. Can never be repeated.
  • L'Humaniste, Gamaret-Syrah Cave de Geneve

    Starting at: £23.52

    A unique blend of Gamaret and Syrah, this works beautifully. A structured and fruit rich wine with peppery spice.
  • Morgon "Les Aiguais" Domaine du Point du Jour

    Starting at: £15.23

    For her Morgon and Brouilly, Jocelyne Depardon focuses on expressing the fruit in the Gamay - and succeeds.
  • Chiroubles Cuvée Fernande Janin Domaine du Point du Jour

    Starting at: £10.80

    A really spicy Chiroubles. Point du Jour is much missed

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

49-96 of 140

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