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  • Even the rarities are chosen for your drinking pleasure first.
  • From the winemakers they love most back in their home country.
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    Cornalin "Champmarais"

    Cornalin "Champmarais" Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Altitude Cornalin barrel fermented - wildness in a Tux
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    Terpsichore Séduction Rouge

    Terpsichore Séduction Rouge Domaine des Muses

    A stunning blend of the two main Valais native reds. Worth every penny!
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    Chénas Vieilles Vignes

    Chénas Vieilles Vignes Franck Bessone

    Franck Bessone is one of the best - rich mineral and juicy Gamay
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    Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC

    Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC Weingut Kiss

    Perfect Now
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    Fleurie "Les Garants"

    Fleurie "Les Garants" Franck Bessone

    Now In! Point du Jour's Vineyards, Franck Bessone's Genius
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    Eyholzer Roter

    Eyholzer Roter Chanton Wein

    A surprising Alpine red, pale, fruity but also surprisingly, err, animal
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    Mondeuse "Les Taillis" Rouge de Savoie

    Mondeuse "Les Taillis" Rouge de Savoie Domaine St-Germain

    Superb Mondeuse showing the fruit and the wild side of Mondeuse.
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    Fleurie Haute Couture

    Fleurie Haute Couture Jérome Lacondemine

    Not your typical Fleurie - elegant with a touch of oak
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    Grain Nature

    Grain Nature Marie-Therese Chappaz

    This is supremely elegant natural wine
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    Dole La Liaudisaz

    Dole La Liaudisaz Marie-Therese Chappaz

    A gorgeous concentrated Dole, without being too serious
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    Grain Noir

    Grain Noir Marie-Therese Chappaz

    Cabernet and Merlot in Alpine purity
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    Beaujolais Villages "Hommage a Philippe" sans souffre

    Beaujolais Villages "Hommage a Philippe" sans souffre Jérome Lacondemine

    The labour of love
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    Fleurie d'Antan

    Fleurie d'Antan Jérome Lacondemine

    Natural old school Fleurie

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