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Organic Wines

Organic wines mean wine produced with grape grown organically thus without addition of industrial pesticides or herbicides in order to respect nature. No manufactured chemical products will be used and winegrowers need to find alternative solutions such as spraying orange essential oil to repel certain insects, using diversion tactics. It takes more time to care about an organic vineyard as, for example, many actions need to be done manually in order to preserve life in soil and not compact them with a heavy machine going between the rows. 


  • Each wine will bring something distinctive to your table.
  • Even the rarities are chosen for your drinking pleasure first.
  • From the winemakers they love most back in their home country.
  • You should feel safe discovering our wines so we guarantee them (see FAQs).
  • No constraint: No minimum order. Buy just what you want, whether a single bottle or thirty

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  1. Dôle Balavaud Grand Cru
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    The classic Valais blend Learn More

  2. Cornalin "Champmarais"
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

  3. Rouge de Savoie Persan
    Domaine St-Germain

    Wild and wonderful Learn More

  4. Pinot Noir Balavaud Grand Cru
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Classic Pinot Learn More

  5. Cayas, Syrah Barrique
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

  6. Eyholzer Roter
    Chanton Wein

    A surprising Alpine red Learn More

  7. Humagne Rouge
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

  8. Pinot Noir Neuchâtel
    Domaine de Montmollin

    Smooth Pinot Noir, won Grand Or in Brussels in 2017 Learn More

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