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Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc, Weißburgunder, Fehér Burgundi, Pinot Branco, Pinot Bianco – many names for the same grape depending on where you find it. Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Portugal and Italy all grow this grape as do many other countries, but it is particularly well known in Alsace where excellent examples are made.

We think the best Pinot Blancs in the world might actually be made in Austria where the variety is grown quite widely, but with particular representation in the areas around the Neusiedlersee, Styria, Vienna, and Lower Austria, including the Wachau and Kamptal. The quality of Austrian Pinot Blanc wines is outstanding, with true world-class examples which can stand along anything grown in Alsace. In Austria, even mid-range Pinot Blancs are stylish, with flavours of almonds and good acidity. The best are concentrated, amazingly complex, and age well in bottle, some well in excess of a decade.

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  • Pinot Blanc "Der Vollmondwein" Weingut Christ

    Starting at: £18.00

    One of the very best Austrian Pinot Blanc - simply delicious.
  • Weissburgunder Stift Klosterneuberg

    Starting at: £8.40

    Austria can make Pinot Blanc as well, or better than, Burgundy.

  • Ruster Ausbruch "Auf den Flugeln der Morgenrote" Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £39.60

    Heidi's Ausbruch is made from a mixture of grape varieties - a blend of mainly Welschriesling and Pinot blanc and a tiny bit of Sauvignon blanc and Furmint.
  • Ried Vogelsang Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £20.40

    Vogelsang means bird song and the wine does make you want to hum in delight.
  • Pinot Blanc/Weissburgunder Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £16.31

    This is a really nice classic expression of Pinot Blanc - one of the nicest I have come across in Austria.
  • Pinot Bianco Kellerei Kurtatsch

    Starting at: £14.14

    Mature Pinot Blanc from Northern Italy.
  • Beerenauslese Josef Lentsch

    Starting at: £15.00

    Well balanced Pinot Gris Beerenauslese.
  • Weissburgunder Erich Sattler

    Starting at: £6.00

    Superb mature Weissburgunder - very lively yet elegant still.
  • Burgunder Sekt Weingut Steininger

    Starting at: £24.24

    Blend of Burgundian grapes, classy sparkling
  • Weissburgunder Novemberlese Weingut Steininger

    Starting at: £17.45

    Picked in November, late harvest dry Pinot Blanc.

    Out of stock

  • Beerenauslese Selektion Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £26.09

    Fabulously elegant sweet wine.
  • Trockenbeerenauslese Josef Lentsch

    Starting at: £27.60

    A gorgeous TBA. A blend of Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.

    Out of stock

  • Trockenbeerenauslese Josef Lentsch

    Starting at: £27.60

    A blend of Pinot Blanc and Welschriesling.

    Out of stock

  • Weissburgunder Jungherrn Stift Klosterneuberg

    Starting at: £13.20

    Fresh and balanced Pinot Blanc
  • Pinot Blanc Weingut Breitenfelder

    Starting at: £12.94

    A refreshing and fruity Pinot Blanc.

    Out of stock

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Pinot Blanc is a mutation of Pinot Gris, itself a mutation of Pinot Noir. On the vine it looks remarkably similar to Chardonnay. It is usually made into dry or sparkling wines but especially in Austria can make some excellent early Trockenbeernauslese. On the nose it can be floral or perfumed with hints of apple and sometimes tropical fruits. The fruit remains on the palate and there is a much longer finish than you might expect from a white wine. Of course the sweeter wines incorporate qualities that you might expect from that style.

I have asked winemakers a few times why they chose "Pinot Blanc" or "Weissburgunder" and whether they were for marketing or cultural reasons. Usually the answer has been "It looked better on the label that way".

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