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Neuburger - Plantscher - Welschriesling

Neuburger - Plantscher - Welschriesling

According to legend, Neuburger was fished out of the Danube in the 1860's and planted in the Wachau. It is capable of making a dry and elegant wine as well as great late-harvest sweet wines.

Think of Neuburger as having the gusto of a clean Chardonnay, the depth of a dry Chenin Blanc with a bit of the snap of a Muscadet. It often produces wines that are soft, full bodied and have a balanced, nutty aroma.

Relatively easy to cultivate and not particularly demanding on soil types, although it does best on primary rock.

Neuburger is a popular heurige wine. It has a natural depth and diversity of flavour, but due to its ease has often been taken for granted and used in blends and entry level wines. 

Obviously when someone does take it seriously, it is a lot more interesting.

I've been told the best are in the Wachau, but in my tastings it has always been winemakers in other regions who show impressive efforts. The Hofbauer 2007 is impressive 10 years on, and the skin contact version from Kiss shows the complexity of the grape.

DNA profiling has shown that the grape is a crossing of Roter Veltliner and Sylvaner.

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  • Neuburger Leithaberg DAC Weingut Kiss

    If you like complex white wine without oak, this is a must try
  • Ruster Ausbruch "Auf den Flugeln der Morgenrote" Heidi Schroeck

    "On the wings of the dawn" is legendary
  • Süße Löwen Spätlese Heidi Schroeck

    A sweet wine for dining pairings.
  • Plantscher Chanton Wein

    Plantscher is a descendent of Furmint. This is an aromatic wine mostly enjoyed with cheese.
  • Welschriesling Weingut Breitenfelder

    Still good, a great after work aperitif
  • Trockenbeerenauslese Welschriesling Josef Lentsch

    All of Lentsch's dessert wines are magnificent.
  • Greiner Heidi Schroeck

    A unique long maceration late harvest wine - has to be tasted
  • Weisse Löwen Heidi Schroeck

    Classic happy and crunchy Austrian white - Welschriesling.
  • Beerenauslese Selektion Heidi Schroeck

    Fabulously elegant sweet wine. An explosion of flavours - but with elegance, not exuberance.

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