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Humagne Rouge

Humagne Rouge

Humagne Rouge is a traditional Swiss grape variety grown in Valais. Stylistically, Humagne Rouge wines tend to vary between darker red wines, a bit lighter than Syrah, with rustic and herbal notes over peppery black fruit to an elegant light-red wine, a bit like a well structured Pinot Noir with amazing tannins. This lighter style and what we call the elegance-with-an-edge approach that seeks to balance the two possibilities, are largely responsible for Humagne Rouge's increasing popularity, but the more Syrah-like style still has its adherents.

Humagne Rouge is a late ripening variety and the rustic and herbal notes diminish as the grape reaches phenolic maturity, so the choice of a vineyard site is very important in terms of obtaining the result you want. When discussing Humagne Rouge, Robert Taramarcaz commented that it was the variety where the style of wine being produced in Valais had changed the most in the last 10 years.

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  • Humagne Rouge Grand Métral Provins

    Starting at: £24.47

    A beautiful introduction to Humagne.
  • Clos Combe d'Uvrier Varone

    Starting at: £38.84

    Serious Swiss Red.
  • Terpsichore Séduction Rouge Domaine des Muses

    Starting at: £60.30

    An astonishingly glorious blend that leaves the drinker stunned by its beauty.
  • Humagne Rouge Chanton Wein

    Starting at: £37.66

    A lovely example of Humagne Rouge.

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  • Constellation Giroud Vins

    Starting at: £48.00

    This is a big blend wine. Dive in, if you dare!
  • Terre Vivante - Assemblage Rouge Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    Starting at: £36.00

    BIG, big red from Gregor Kuonen.
  • Humagne Rouge Simon Maye et Fils

    Starting at: £32.40

    A top-notch Humagne Rouge from Maye.
  • Humagne Rouge du Valais "Grandmaître" Barrique Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    Starting at: £49.13

    This wine is made from grapes grown on better exposed slopes and with restricted yield.
  • Humagne Rouge Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Starting at: £26.70

    A delicious red wine that shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.
  • Humagne Rouge Tradition Domaine des Muses

    Starting at: £41.14

    A little wild.
  • Humagne Rouge, Maître de Chais Provins

    Starting at: £31.43

    Top end Humagne Rouge.
  • Electus Valais Mundi

    Starting at: £107.15

    A wine created to raise expectations about Swiss wine to a whole new level.
  • Ruistal Varone

    Starting at: £34.28

    Bold blend from Valais.

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DNA testing recently determined that Humagne Rouge originated in the Val d'Aosta in Italy (just over the St. Bernard pass from Valais) where it was commercially extinct, but has now been replanted under its original name "Cornalin". The original name is used as the botanical name for the grape so Humagne Rouge is (Cornalin). However, the Swiss had reused the "abandoned" name Cornalin in the 1970's as a more marketable name for the grape (Rouge du Pays).

In Switzerland wines called Humagne Rouge and Cornalin are made from different grapes, but a Humagne Rouge from Switzerland and a Cornalin from Italy are made from the same grapes. You may see people distinguish the separate uses of Cornalin as "Cornalin d'Aoste" and "Cornalin du Valais" but the easiest way is to just know whether the wine is from Italy or Switzerland.

Humagne Blanche (Humagne) is, despite the name, unrelated to Humagne Rouge (Cornalin). The grape the Swiss call Cornalin (Rouge du Pays) is one of the parents of Humagne Rouge (Cornalin), the other being unknown and assumed extinct.

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