Humagne Blanche - Humagne Rouge

Humagne Blanche - Humagne Rouge

Humagne Blanche is a white wine grape variety that can be found in the Valais region of Switzerland. It is also grown under the name Miousat in Gascony. It is one of the oldest Valaisan wines first mentioned in the 12th century. It has an ancient reputation of being the wine of lords and bishops during the Middle Ages and has long been described as a health wine for centuries, especially for women in and after childbirth due to its high iron content.

Today, this old indigenous grape variety is known as the treasure of Valasian heritage, yet it is very difficult to grow and is therefore a rarity even in Switzerland. It is a delicate grape that requires good care and a limited harvest.

Predominantly greenish yellow, Humagne Blanche is produced as a dry wine with fairly low alcohol content. This wine is renowned for its invigorating characteristics. It is a delicate wine with aromas of white blossoms and exotic fruit notes of honey and resin. It is also highly acidic which gives the wine a nice crispness. Its distinctive character develops to its full potential after approximately 3-5 years of storage.

Humagne Blanche is unrelated to the red Humagne Rouge despite the apparent similarity in the name. Humagne Rouge is the name given to Cornalin in Valais.

Humagne Blanche is related to Colombaud which suggests that it derived originally from the south of France and not, as some people suggest, introduced to the region by the Romans.

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  • Euterpe Séduction Blanche Domaine des Muses

    Seduction is certainly the right word. This is a stunning white
  • Terpsichore Séduction Rouge Domaine des Muses

    A stunning blend of the two main Valais native reds. Worth every penny!
  • Humagne Blanche Tradition Domaine des Muses

    Humagne Blanche on oak in a french style is magnificent.
  • Constellation Giroud Vins

    The first attempt ambitious international blend of Valais Native grapes.
  • Terre Vivante - Assemblage Rouge Gregor Kuonen et Fils

    BIG, big red from Gregor Kuonen.
  • Humagne Rouge Simon Maye et Fils

  • Humagne Rouge Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    Shows how interesting Humagne Rouge can be.
  • Humagne Rouge Tradition Domaine des Muses

    A wilder version of Humagne Rouge
  • Humagne Rouge, Maître de Chais Provins

    Humagne rouge is both floral and animal
  • Electus Valais Mundi

    A wine created to raise expectations about Swiss wine to a whole new level.
  • Ruistal Varone

    Bold blend from Valais.

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DNA testing recently determined that Humagne Rouge originated in the Val d'Aosta in Italy (just over the St. Bernard pass from Valais) where it was commercially extinct, but has now been replanted under its original name "Cornalin". The original name is used as the botanical name for the grape so Humagne Rouge is (Cornalin). However, the Swiss had reused the "abandoned" name Cornalin in the 1970's as a more marketable name for the grape (Rouge du Pays).

In Switzerland wines called Humagne Rouge and Cornalin are made from different grapes, but a Humagne Rouge from Switzerland and a Cornalin from Italy are made from the same grapes. You may see people distinguish the separate uses of Cornalin as "Cornalin d'Aoste" and "Cornalin du Valais" but the easiest way is to just know whether the wine is from Italy or Switzerland.

Humagne Blanche (Humagne) is, despite the name, unrelated to Humagne Rouge (Cornalin). The grape the Swiss call Cornalin (Rouge du Pays) is one of the parents of Humagne Rouge (Cornalin), the other being unknown and assumed extinct.

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