Germany - Pinot Noir

Germany - Pinot Noir

Germany is one of the northernmost wine producing countries.

To overcome the climate challenge they have developed an impressive wine culture - focused first on the steep slopes by the major rivers, and on varieties that can grow well in that climate - Riesling, Pinot, Sylvaner, and some new gems like Dornfelder.

Riesling and Pinot are the uncontested giants here - and world class.
When grown with care and passion, Pinot Noir is a fabulous and food friendly red. We have world class "cold climate" Pinot Noir from winemakers in Switzerland, Germany and Austria. Truly unique ones, too.

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Pinot Noir has many other names, some of which may offer clues as to its origin - Blauburgunder, Bourguinon, Morillon and Savagnin Noir. It probably originates in France but there are many other theories which have it coming from Egypt, Italy and Germany.

The genealogy of Pinot is hugely impressive with a wide number of well known grapes coming from it particularly through its crossings with Gouais Blanc and Savagnin (not Sauvignon which are children of this crossing).

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