Alpine France - Foudre (big wood)

Alpine France - Foudre (big wood)

France: You're exploring the French Alps, Savoie, Beaujolais and the Jura wines
The "Grosses Holz" (in German) or "Foudre" (in French) is the traditional large barrel. In our regions most wines are finished in a big barrel. Wineries will keep them for decades, sometimes generations. They offer textured surface and micro air exchange of barrels - the texture of wood without the flavour of wood. A large foudre is a phenomenal expense - they have to be mounted on site.

France is the great wine nation - but you won't find Bordeaux or classic Côtes du Rhône here! We head for the foothills of the Alps for far rarer, more interesting bottles.

Beaujolais is the "first hint of the Alps" and the home of fantastic Gamay.

Savoie is in the mountainous areas just south of Lac Léman (Lake Geneva) and the border with Switzerland all the way to Lyon and the Rhone valley.

You can explore the wines below or read further about Savoie or Beaujolais

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