Erich Altenriederer - Badoux Vins - Marie-Therese Chappaz

Erich Altenriederer - Badoux Vins - Marie-Therese Chappaz

Marie-Therese Chappaz' fantastic wines

Erich Altenriederer’s family estate produces wine from 7.5 hectares of grapes and also a highly regarded range of fresh fruit juices from a further 8 hectares of orchards. The estate is located at Wagram/Traismauer near Krems, a small village between the Danube and the Traisen (a tributary of the Danube) which gives the Traisental its name.

In recent years, Erich has, together with his wife Sibylle and mother Angela, invested in a new modern cellar and has planted new vineyards which yield better and better quality wine as time passes. They have planted new varieties for this region such as Riesling and selected the best Grüner Veltliner clones available. We are always impressed by his Zweigelt and often his Muskateller.

Erich believes quality starts in the vineyard. Of course everyone believes that, but Erich really really believes it. I guess when you sell fruit juice for drinking, you cannot "correct" anything in a cellar, which means you learn to be obsessive in the field.  This man loves fruit. It shows.

Erich spends a lot of time in the vineyards and his focus on plant and fruit health is quite extraordinary. Not to say that in the cellar he is a slouch, not at all. In the cellar Erich has the additional benefit of Elisabeth Hausgnost's sisterly advice so it all works out beautifully. 

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  • Aigle Les Murailles Badoux Vins

    The reference Swiss Chasselas. Back in Stock
  • Clos de Chillon Badoux Vins

    Oaked Chasselas with class.
  • Le Lézard Rouge Badoux Vins

    Ripasso-style wine of Pinot Noir over Garanoir. It's Pinot Noir with just a nudge of oomph
  • Aigle Les Murailles Rouge Badoux Vins

    The new red partner of the iconic Aigle Les Murailles.
  • Pinot Noir Yvorne Barrique de Chêne Badoux Vins

    Gone soon! Oaked Pinot Noir from the Chablais region.
  • Fendant President Troillet Marie-Therese Chappaz

    The most famous Fendant of Marie Therese's range - possibly the first of her wines I knew
  • Grain Ermitage Marie-Therese Chappaz

    My special favourite in Marie-Therese Chappaz's range. Stunning year on year
  • Grain Nature Marie-Therese Chappaz

    This is supremely elegant natural wine
  • Dole La Liaudisaz Marie-Therese Chappaz

    A gorgeous concentrated Dole, without being too serious
  • Grain Noble Arvine Marie-Therese Chappaz

    Legendary sweet wine
  • Grain Noir Marie-Therese Chappaz

    Cabernet and Merlot in Alpine purity
  • Fendant La Liaudisaz Marie-Therese Chappaz

  • Grain Arvine Marie-Therese Chappaz

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