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Furmint - Weinhof Waldschütz

Furmint - Weinhof Waldschütz

The Waldschütz family has vineyards in Kamptal and Wagram.

They make lovely and fresh wines, Grüner Veltliner and Riesling, but also rarer varieties, some ample Weissburgunder and very generous reds.

Their focus is on family, tradition and experience. The winery has been in its present state since 1992 and from day one they have committed themselves completely to their wines. There are 16 hectares of vineyards which are their pride and joy. Mostly on sunny slopes they are located in the two well known wine growing areas of Kamptal and Wagram.

Primary rock, sandy loam and gravely loess as well as deep loam-loess soils allow very fruity, noble wines of charming elegance. What earth and nature initiated is carefully finished by them, taking tradition and optimised wine culture in the cellar into consideration.

Anyone who came to our Austrian dinner or to the Austrian tasting could not fail to be impressed by young Ralph Waldschütz. He will be a star one day and you've met him here first!

Furmint is, of course, the main grape in the production of Tokaj, the unctuous sweet wine from Hungary. However, that country does not have the monopoly on this grape. It is grown in other nearby countries, Austria being one of them. Heidi Schröck was one of the pioneers that reintroduced the grape and now produces some of the best Furmint wines in the world. Her dry Furmint is elegant and filled with spice and quince. Her sweet Furmint and blends incorporating Furmint are truly astonishing and need to be tasted to be believed. I would urge everyone to become a believer.

Furmint originates in Hungary with the first references found in documents from the late sixteenth century. It is no surprise that it comes from the Tokaj region whose eponymous wines have made it famous and given so much pleasure. Other origins have been suggested but are without substance.

Furmint is related to Gouais Blanc and therefore to a vast number of well-known varieties such as Chardonnay and Riesling. It is a parent of the other main grape in Tokaji wines, Hárslevelü and the Swiss Plantscher.

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