Domaine des Abeilles d'Or - Chanton Wein

Domaine des Abeilles d'Or - Chanton Wein

Chouilly, Geneva

Originally from the small hamlet of "Les Baillets" in the heart of the Geneva wine-growing district, the Desbaillets family is mentioned in local archives going back over 500 years. Domaine des Abeilles d'Or has developed a fine reputation. When we started to work with them it was run by René Desbaillets and now his son has taken over. How time flies!

The estate has some 34 hectares of vines in the village of Chouilly which is in the Satigny district which today is the largest wine-growing district in Switzerland. Vines grow here at an altitude of between 450 and 500 metres on clay loam soils over porous sandstone bedrock. René, ably assisted by his winemaker son Laurent (recent graduate of the winemaking school at Changins) makes a wide range of red, rosé, white and sparkling wines. Of particular note is the estate's Douce Noire, an oaked red blend of international and Swiss varieties which regularly sweeps the board in competitions.

A heraldic note - on the family crest the blue represents the sky, justice and beauty while the golden bees symbolise wealth and nobility. The striped band represents virtue, ardour, love and courage. Nothing could better describe the wonderful landscape of hills around Chouilly and the great wines and character of the producer!

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  • Douce Noire Domaine des Abeilles d'Or

    Silk and cashmere in a glass
  • Gewürztraminer Chanton Wein

    The wine that was never meant to be. Last chance.
  • Lafnetscha Chanton Wein

    If you like to try rare grapes, here is one of the rarest!
  • Himbertscha Chanton Wein

    Rescued in 1984 this is a dry Alpine white
  • Plantscher Chanton Wein

    Plantscher is a descendent of Furmint. This is an aromatic wine mostly enjoyed with cheese.
  • Gwäss Chanton Wein

    The casanova grape
  • Heida Chanton Wein

    Mouth-wateringly fantastic. A taste of summer meadows.
  • Heida Mario Beerenauslese Chanton Wein

    Incredibly complex and crystal pure dessert wine.
  • Eyholzer Roter Chanton Wein

    A surprising Alpine red, pale, fruity but also surprisingly, err, animal
  • Petite Arvine Chanton Wein

    Complex and pure Petite Arvine. Mature and impressive.
  • Pinot Noir Mario Barrique Chanton Wein

    Oaked Pinot from the highest area of the Valais
  • Riesling Chanton Wein

    An elegant Riesling - notes of green apple.
  • Riesling Mario Trockenbeerenauslese Chanton Wein

    A superb 'stickie' from Chanton.

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