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  • Each wine will bring something distinctive to your table.
  • Even the rarities are chosen for your drinking pleasure first.
  • From the winemakers they love most back in their home country.
  • You should feel safe discovering our wines so we guarantee them (see FAQs).
  • No constraint: No minimum order. Buy just what you want, whether a single bottle or thirty

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  1. Mitis Amigne de Vétroz
    Cave Jean Rene Germanier

    A stunning sweet. 2011. Learn More

  2. Chemin de Fer
    Luc Massy

    One of the legendary Chasselas of Lavaux. Learn More

  3. Zweigelt Eiswein
    Weingut Josef Beyer

    Delicious Eiswein made of red grapes. One to cellar. Learn More

  4. Euterpe Séduction Blanche
    Domaine des Muses

    Seduction is certainly the right word. This is a stunning white Learn More

  5. Sassi Grossi

    One of my favourite Merlots anywhere! Learn More

  6. Pinot Noir 'M'

    Last chance to snatch up this cult Pinot Noir. Learn More

  7. Pinot Noir Alte Reben

    NEW IN! Another great Pinot Noir from Cicero. Learn More

  8. Old Bear Smokey Swiss Premium Single Malt Whisky

    That swiss bear is peat done to perfection Learn More

  9. Grüner Veltliner Reserve
    Weingut Leo Alzinger

    One the finest Grüner Veltliner you will ever taste. Learn More

  10. Riesling Reserve
    Weingut Leo Alzinger

    Best after 20 years, but sooo good now. Learn More

  11. Riesling Privat Senftenberg Piri
    Weingut Nigl

    Last few bottles Learn More

  12. Eiswein "Crystal" Eyholzer Roter
    Chanton Wein

    One of the world's most unusual and rare wines. Learn More

    Out of stock

  13. Diolinoir, Domaine de l'Évêché

    Extraordinary wine with this new cult variety Learn More

  14. La Cruus
    Mamete Prevostini

    Simply Fantastic Nebbiolo Learn More

  15. Cabernet Franc

    Exceptional Cult Cabernet Learn More

  16. Cabernet Sauvignon Special Reserve

    Cult Cabernet? You bet! Learn More

    Out of stock

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