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Cabernet Franc - Roussanne

Cabernet Franc - Roussanne

I have a huge soft spot for Cabernet Franc.
It has many facets but is best known for pepper and tobacco characteristics.

Cabernet Franc is the parent of Cabernet Sauvignon (with Sauvignon Blanc) and also a parent of Merlot.

Cabernet Franc is often looked down on in favour of Cabernet Sauvignon, but this is an unfair asessment, based purely on availability. Cabernet Franc can be less generous than "CabSav" and so is less planted, and so people rarely get to taste it solo.

It really is worth seeking out solo.

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  • Chignin-Bergeron Coulée de Proserpine Denis / Didier Berthollier

    Apricot and peach, honey and a hint of smoke.
  • Constellation

    The first attempt ambitious international blend of Valais Native grapes.
  • Cabernet Fût de Chêne 9/9 Cave de Geneve

    Fresh yet intense Cabernet from Geneva.
  • Electus Valais Mundi

    A wine created to raise expectations about Swiss wine to a whole new level.
  • Grain Noir Marie-Therese Chappaz

    Cabernet and Merlot in Alpine purity
  • Chignin-Bergeron St Anthelme Denis / Didier Berthollier

    Superb oaked Roussanne with Alpine freshness
  • Chignin Bergeron Maison Philippe Grisard

    Roussane from Savoie is fantastic

    Out of stock

  • Cabernet Franc Margalit

    Exceptional Cult Cabernet
  • Cabernet Franc Vitkin

    Fascinating Cabernet from Israel

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