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Austrian Sweet Wines

Austrian Sweet Wines

If you're an afficianado of dessert wines, and you have not tasted Austrian sweet wines, they are screaming out to be tried. Auslese, Beerenauslese, Trockenbeerenauslese, Ausbruch, Schilfwein, Eiswein - we have them all. Even some sweet red wines!

Austria has some of the best sweet wines on earth, from one of the most remarkable places in the world for botrytis-affected wine - the Neusiedlersee, a shallow warm steppe lake of about 60 square miles, located in the warmest part of Austria, straddling the Austro-Hungarian border. The lake's micro-climate is key to the wine's production; the environment around it is flat, marshy, and humid, and nowhere else, with the possible exception of Hungary's "Tokajhegyalja" does the noble rot, "Botrytis Cinerea", attack grapes so reliably.

TBAs and Ausbruch are incredibly long-lived wines; 30-40 years is not unusual, and one of our suppliers, reckons some will go 100 years. These truly are some of the finest dessert wines made in the entire world

We include in our range wines from some well-known makers, but also a handful of producers who are barely knowm outside Austria yet who deserve better recognition.


  • Each wine will bring something distinctive to your table.
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  • From the winemakers they love most back in their home country.
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