Wines for Fondue

Drink with Fondue: crisp and clear white wine

In Switzerland we traditionally drink crisp white Chasselas, black tea (no milk), and kirsch with cheese fondue. It needs to be dry and very clean to cut through the cheese.

For variety, we might go for Doral, Heida, or Johannisberg, but much complexity can be lost with all the cheese. I still feel Chasselas is the best as much of its complexity is in the mouthfeel not the nose.

In Savoie they drink Jacquere for the same reason, as well as Altesse.

For people accustomed to more acidity in their white wine, Chasselas can feel "not enough" with Fondue. The Savoie wines will work better for you, or some of the Aosta or Alto Adige wines.

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  • Heida du Valais Badoux Vins

    Starting at: £31.14

    Heida is the high altitude variety in Switzerland. This mature one is extraordinary
  • Humagne Rouge Grand Métral Provins

    Starting at: £24.60

    Fantastic introduction to Humagne Rouge
  • Heida, Maître de Chais Réserve Provins

    Starting at: £31.20

    Bright and clear like a trumpet solo.
  • Apologia Brut Provins

    Starting at: £25.98

    Aromatic sparkling from Valais
  • Junge Löwen Heidi Schroeck

    Starting at: £13.63

    Crunchy fresh Blaufrankisch - ages surprisingly well too
  • Mont-Sur-Rolle Grand Cru Domaine de Maison Blanche

    Starting at: £19.31

    Our classic Chasselas - just right!
  • Chénas Franck Bessone

    Starting at: £13.56

    Franck Bessone is one of the best - mineral and juicy Gamay
  • Müller Thurgau Schlossgut Bachtobel

    Starting at: £27.59

    A really impressive Müller Thurgau - will keep for years and years too.

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