Riesling KA DAC

White Wine, Austria

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Riesling KA DAC

White Wine, Austria

Availability: In stock

A lovely Kamptal Riesling by Steininger - no bubbles in this one, but plenty of minerality.
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Riesling KA DAC

Riesling KA DAC 2011


White Wine, Austria, Kamptal Weingut Steininger

Weingut Steininger

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Steininger is well-known for his superb sparkling wine and for very good reasons. Just ask those who managed to get their hands on some of the 2005 vintages that we sold before Christmas last year and we tasted the 2015 vintages at ProWein in Dusseldorf this year - fresher, of course, but still magnificent.

Making fizz is a very important part of Steingers philosophy but it is not all that goes on there. Among the wonderful bubbles there are some still wines and this Riesling 2011 is a great example of them.

It is a light yellow-green, very clear and bright, with a beautiful Riesling nose of green apples and petrol. The acidity is perfect and your mouth starts watering the moment this wine hits your tongue. The apple continues on the palate and is joined with stone fruits also, particularly greengages and apricots. It has a pure, clean, finish with the flavours lingering.

This is a great summer wine. Splendid on its own but a good accompaniment to salads, fish and seafood.

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Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Weingut Steininger
Colour White Wine
Style Still, Dry
Variety Riesling
Country Austria
Region(s) Kamptal
Ripeness Normal
Closure Screwcap
Last Tasted 21 Jul 2016
Vintages 2011

[4312009] 2011


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size: 0.75
stock: 16
product code:[4312009]
closure:Natural Cork
last checked in:2016-07-21

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