Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch

Red Wine, Austria

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Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch

Red Wine, Austria

Availability: In stock

A warm and generous Pinot Noir from Klosterneuburg.
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Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch

Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch 2011


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The Wine


Pinot Noir comes in many differing expressions. I find it hard not to enjoy most of them but certainly tend towards those wines that truly express the grape rather than the skill of the winemaker, despite that being self-evident.

The Pinot Noir Raeflerjoch is a beautiful wine that really allows the Pinot Noir to show itself purely in terms of the grape. The nose is fantastic. Despite being relatively young, it has already developed mature leather aromas as well as the expected red fruits.

In the mouth this is a rich, smooth wine. It has a depth of flavour that can often be missing with Pinot Noir. The cherry flavours seem as much black as red and the acidity is perfectly balanced.

This is a wine to snatch up straight away, drink a lot now and save a few bottles for a private moment!

Additional Information


Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Stift Klosterneuberg
Colour Red Wine
Style Red, Still, Dry
Variety Pinot Noir
Country Austria
Region(s) Thermenregion
Ripeness Normal
Closure Natural Cork
Last Tasted 6 Jul 2016
Vintages 2011

[4313004] 2011


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product code:[4313004]
variety:Pinot Noir
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