L'Instant Plaisir

Rosé Wine, France

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L'Instant Plaisir

Rosé Wine, France

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Sparkling Gamay! Yes it is - Sparkling Gamay.
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This is an extremely unusual wine from Beaujolais - a sparkling wine made from the Gamay grape which is quite delightful and the perfect summer sparkler. Sparkling Gamay is indeed a rarity and you are in for a real treat. This particular example comes from vineyards in the commune of St Jean d'Ardières to the south of Villié-Morgon on the road to Belleville sur Saône. Technically the wine is "vin mousseux", made using the traditional Champagne method. Whilst the vineyard is in AOC Beaujolais, the producer is not allowed to state this on the label because the wine is specifically designed to only have 8% alcohol by volume, too low to be classified as Beaulolais AOC - hence legally it's just a humble vin de table. No vintage is declared on the label but the grapes are from 2009.

It was a bit of a problem knowing which section to put this in, but in the end I have put it in the main listing in the Morgon section because that's where the producer is based and that's what their real speciality is. It's a lovely, lovely wine which has very pale green-pink tinges with a nose of apples, pears and strawberries, all reflected on the palate along with a fine mousse. There is loads of fruit and good balancing acidity. Drink well chilled on its own or with fish, white meats, salads, grills etc., and the low alcohol helps at lunchtime!

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Bottle Size 0.75
Winemaker Domaine Lathuilière-Gravallon
Colour Rosé Wine
Sweet Yes
Sparkling Yes
Style Rosé, Sparkling, Sweet
Variety Gamay
Country France
Region(s) Beaujolais
Ripeness Normal
Closure Sparkling
Last Tasted 20 Apr 2017
Vintages NV

[3332145] NV


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size: 0.75
product code:[3332145]
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