Joelle's Current Favourites

Joelle's Current Favourites

One of my favourite wines is in stock at the moment - the Grain Ermitage by Marie Therese Chappaz. Hundred year old vines of Marsanne, possibly the healthiest and happiest old vines ever...

I've also recently revisited the Larmoises Beaujolais, the last of the 2007 (not for sale anymore) and the 2009 (still a few for sale). This too was an old vines vineyard and it shows. 2009 was the last vintage ever. Beautiful Gamay! I

Heidi's mature Furmints are a fascinating white drink, chill it well and then give it time to open up

Also fantastic when the weather keeps going from hot to cold and back is Muses' unoaked Syrah - if it's grey and cool the spicy side comes out, and if the sun's out suddenly the fruity crunchy side comes to the fore. Try it!

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